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Chase Dollars!

Chase on the Dollar Bill:

The US 1 Dollar currency-denominated bill is the oldest lowest paper-based currency note since 1876. It may surprise you that the first issue of 1 dollar note featured Salmon P. Chase on its obverse. The current form of the 1 dollar bill has been in use since 1963 with Federal Reserve issued notes that replaced the silver certificates.

Salmon P. Chase was chief justice of the United States. He also remained US secretary of the treasury from 1861 to 1864 under the Lincoln presidency, before Republicans chose Lincoln as their presidential candidate.

Chase National Bank was also named after him, which later merged with Chase Manhattan bank. You know that bank right? JP Morgan Chase!!!

During his tenure, the first paper based 1 Dollar currency note was issued featuring his portrait. The first large-sized issued 01 dollar bill would like the image featured below on the right.

A few years later George Washington's portrait replaced Salmon P. Chase’s portrait on the 1 Dollar bill. Salmon Chase remained one of the most influential reason we read the phrase “In God, We Trust” printed on the US currency. The phrase was first printed on US currency coins in 1864.

Salmon P. Chase also featured on the $10,000 denomination note (featured below on the left). These notes were issued in 1918 and called the Blue Seal Series. Chase also featured on the $10,000 Green Seal Series which was issued in 1928 for the first time. The US Federal Reserve had withdrawn all large denomination currency notes in circulation in 1969.

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