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How a Finance Company is Built
Angela Reyes-Santana

About Angela

Angela Reyes-Santana is the founder of Boutique Ahlang Financial Services, an accounting and tax company established in 2018. Angela has been in the finance business since 2006.  She has provided financial management services for real estate, banking, government, individuals, and small owned businesses. Obtaining her master's in taxation has allowed her to offer a specialized service in tax planning, tax strategies, and tax mitigation for all clients regardless of their industry and type of business at hand. Today, Angela focuses on being an asset to her clients by providing financial management, accounting, tax services, and capacity-building services. She brings innovations that help connect dots for her clients to grow and reach the financial goal they have wanted to achieve.

About Boutique Ahlang

Boutique Ahlang Financial Services prides itself on providing specialized services to any market segment by formulating a financial service that works for the client. Services provided include book-keeping, financial reporting, budgets, formation of best practices in financial procedures for the business, tax preparations, organizational development, and capacity building. Understanding that every client is unique and has different needs is why we have several models to fit all. We provide the best financial compliance service to our clients while obtaining financial health—uplifting a mindset of financial awareness and success to support financial decisions that significantly impact the client.


We built this institution to get the right fit for you and/or your business. Whether you are seeking to:

  • restructure your enterprise

  • explore tax savings

  • building credit

  • starting a new business

  • creating a business plan

  • aid with nationwide IRS concerns

  • optimizing and expanding financially

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