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Don’t Eat Out… Buy Property!

How to buy property instead of buying lunch. Well, let's look at the facts. Buying your dream house or becoming a real estate investor isn’t an easy job. Not that impossible either, if you can plan out financially. Set your objectives and stick to your plan rigorously. Here are a few simple ways you can save tons of money and invest:

Save on your eating-out:

Doesn’t sound like a lot of money, right? Cooking at home can save you a lot of money over a month, half-year, a year, and in 5 years’ time. Dining out could cost you 5 times more than you’ll spend at home. Cut your expense by half and see the effects!

Grind your own coffee beans:

Nothing much again, just a $3 or $4 cup of coffee, just 3 cups a day. That’s roughly $270-$360 a month. Even with only 1 cup of your home-made coffee could save you around $120 monthly. That’s $ 1,440 a year. Go on and take out your calculator, here is your first initial property payment.

Learn the Hamburger Recipe:

Sure, everyone loves the taste of the mouth-watering hamburger and fries. You can make an equally delicious hamburger and fresh fries at home. Did I mention you’ll save tons of cash with it?

Hunt Supermarket Discounts:

Now that you’re finally convinced to shun some of your dine-out luxuries, you’ll surely want some discounts on groceries. Look at the bulk purchase discounts (like Sam's Club or BJ's), royalty, promotions, or anything that saves a penny! Wanna learn couponing techniques? The Krazy Coupon Lady will show you how!

These are just a few of the money-saving tips that you can exercise with your frugal living. Wondering how much a year you can save, and where you can invest in property? You

can become a real investor with an investment as low as $500 with modern online platforms like Fundrise. You can start your journey of real investment with Fundrise here.

Property Investing

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