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Peter The Mint Eagle Was The Eagle On Silver Dollars

If you are a history enthusiast, the sad but classic story about Peter Jefferson – the Mint Eagle, is one you’ll love to read. This is most intriguing as the historic mint eagle turned out to be a mascot of the Philadelphian mint.

About the Mint Eagle – Peter Jefferson

During the mid-1830s, an eagle named Peter Jefferson lived in the Philadelphia mint, and he was loved and cared for as a pet by many workers in the mint. Commonly, Peter was always let out at night to have fun around Philadelphia, and returned to the mint after his adventure.

Sadly and unexpected, Peter met a sad fate as he got his wing caught up and badly injured in a coin press and it started to run. Although sincere and heroic efforts were put in to help Peter heal from the injury, all efforts and treatment to save Peter’s life proved abortive; this cost the mint eagle his life.

After the sad and unexpected death of the mint eagle, it was very obvious that he was loved by the workers in the mint, as they used his image as a model for silver dollar coins.

Besides having Peter's image on money, his remains are preserved at the mint in Philadelphia up till this day.

So, if you ever hear about the mint eagle or the eagle on the silver dollar coins, this short history should remind you of Peter Jefferson - the historic mascot of Philadelphia mint.

Peter The Mint Eagle

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